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Italia Pellet Stoves is a leader in the production and sales of pellet stoves.

We are direct manufacturers, this makes us the ideal choice for:

  • the private customer, who wants to save money on heating bills of his/her house and wants to buy what in effect is also a valuable piece of furniture, perhaps taking advantage of the tax deductions provided by our certified products
  • the dealer or wholesaler, who want to offer their customers a good and steady product and design, having all the attention to detail that only a craft production like our can give

Since we produce our pellet stoves, inserts and boilers, we can offer both of them extremely competitive prices and discounts reserved to retailers or wholesalers. Browse our catalogue and contact us without obligation for any information.

COMING SOON: Pellet Stove Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution location in San Diego, CA. Please check back for further details as they become available.